Web Browser Inventor Talks Crypto

Web Browser Inventor Talks Crypto
Creative interpretation of a blockchain network. Created by Dave Waring using Midjourney 3/1/24

Netscape was the first mass market web browser.

Before Netscape you essentially had to write code to use the internet.

After Netscape anyone could use the internet by clicking around like we do today.

Marc Andreessen was a co-founder of Netscape, and one of the inventors of the modern web browser. 

He now runs venture capital firm A16Z.

A16Z is one of the largest investors in crypto. 

Their crypto focused investment funds have over $7 Billion under management

In this video they discuss crypto with Chris Dixon, founder of their Crypto practice. 

There's a reason these early internet pioneers are now working in crypto.

They talk more about it in the video.

I used Summarize.tech to create a summary of their discussion which you can find here.

Then I asked ChatGPT to create song lyrics from the summary. 

And finally I fed those lyrics into AI song maker Suno.ai.

Suno came back with this song.

This all takes under 5 minutes with AI.

Tools like these will result in an explosion of creativity and knowledge.

Let me know how you like the song.