Digital Cloning is Here - What’s Next

Digital Cloning is Here - What’s Next
"Boy holding globe looks towards future" Created by David Waring using Midjourney 2/12/24

Digital clones are now easy to create using AI tools like

And they speak multiple languages.

Here’s what’s next.

No More Language Barrier

Imagine a world where everyone speaks the same language. 

That’s where AI is taking us.

And the implications are massive.

More Friends 

Around 20% of the world speaks English. 

And it’s the most popular language

The world is divided by a large language barrier.

AI is removing that barrier.

Exponentially more human connection will be formed as a result. 

More Knowledge

Much of the world’s knowledge is locked behind the language barrier. 

AI is the key to that lock. 

The president of Argentina recently gave a masterclass on the the perils of collectivism. 

Because the speech was in English, it went viral here in the US.

Except he didn't give the speech in English.

HeyGen created an English clone of the speech which was given originally in Spanish.

It’s unlikely the speech would have gone viral with traditional translation.

It’s just way more powerful to hear someone in their own voice.

Now multiply this example millions of times over. 

More Peace

Wars don’t happen between friends. 

Much is lost mediating via translators. 

Finding common ground is so much easier in our native language and voice.

More Prosperity 

Global trade has brought much of the world out of extreme poverty

Removing the language barrier will put this dynamic on steroids.

More Challenges to Overcome

Scammers are already using this technology to scam people out of money.

They're telling people not to vote using Joe Biden’s voice.

And they're creating fake but realistic looking nude images of Taylor Swift.

There’s no question this sucks.  

But let’s not throw the multi-lingual digital baby clone out with the bathwater. 

Every tool can be used for both good and evil.

AI is no different.

We just need to move quickly to lessen the negatives, and increase the positives.

And we're already making progress.

New laws are being formed to punish bad actors.

New tech is being invented to prove photo, video, and audio authenticity. 

A world without language barriers will come with challenges.  

However, the benefits will far outweigh the downsides. 

Thanks for reading.