Crypto: Scams, Computers, & Casinos

Crypto: Scams, Computers, & Casinos
"Girl Stacking Coins" created by Dave Waring Using Midjourney 3/8/24

Most people think crypto is a scam.

Or at best a casino where people gamble on magic internet money.

You can’t blame them.

There’s lots of scams in crypto. 

There’s also lots of crypto currencies that exist primarily for people to gamble on.

But if you think crypto is a scam or a casino, you’re wrong.

Crypto is a new type of computer .

And like the computer you are reading this on, it can be used for many things.

You can use it to scam people…

You can use it to build a virtual casino…

But you can also use it for so much more.

People have short memories

 "History doesn't repeat itself, but it often rhymes"  - Mark Twain

The early internet had 3 primary use cases:

  1. Communication (email/chat/bulletin boards)
  2. Porn
  3. Gambling on internet stocks

And guess what?

It wasn’t people using free messaging services that paid for the infrastructure needed for the modern internet. 

Their services worked fine on the crappy dialup connections of the time. 

But you know what didn’t work well on dialup?

Downloading images, and streaming video and stock quotes.

And guess who wanted those things and were willing to pay?

So yes, scammers should and already are being punished.

But let's let the gamblers gamble.

Thanks for reading.